Alesmith Taproom Review

alesmith taproom reviewBrewery Name: Alesmith
Brewery Location: San Diego
Famous Beers: Yulesmith, Horny Devil, Speedway Stout


Overall Impression

Alesmith makes some great beers. They are committed to craft beer, and their taproom showed. The bar staff knew a lot about everything on tap, and they had a wide range of beers available.

Getting There

Again, I was sleeping in the car, so basically just showed up. They own a few buildings in what looked like the business district of some part of San Diego.


It's about a mid sized taproom, and it was full the entire time we were there (Friday). The bar was packed, so I couldn't' really tell if you can sit there, and the tables were standing only.


The one common thread I saw between the beers at Alesmith is that they all seemed to be high gravity, and really show their alcohol content. This worked for some, not for others. I also didn't take really great notes, so this'll be a short section today.

Beers that did well with high alcohol content

  • Yulesmith Summer
  • Yulesmith Winter
  • Speedway Stout
  • Horny Devil
  • Lil Devil

Beers that didn't do well with high alcohol

  • Wee Heavy
  • Anvil ESB

There were some distinct caramel notes of the Scottish Wee Heavy but I think it was much too hot compared to what I've had before. I just looked it up: 10{a60bef903c54612bed20edb95d22500dcc3da56ac2b90be5eb4391998d03cdd5}, holy cow! I think a traditional wee heavy should be 6-8{a60bef903c54612bed20edb95d22500dcc3da56ac2b90be5eb4391998d03cdd5} by *new* style guidelines, and I would venture to say that they taste better (more sessionable) near the lower end of that scale.

The same story goes for the ESB. Although this one was only 5.5{a60bef903c54612bed20edb95d22500dcc3da56ac2b90be5eb4391998d03cdd5} I feel like I it tasted much stronger. It was certainly “extra”, and I felt it was lacking some the graininess maltiness that I've grown to love about English beers. I don't know enough about the style to say whether it was a good example or not, I just know it was certainly not was I was expecting.


They've got a pretty awesome setup here with the food truck schedule written on the board. I don't think they have any food that's actually served by Alesmith, but the trucks that were listed seemed to match the creative style the beers that Alesmith serves. We didn't eat anything from the trucks, but one showed up while we were there and there seemed to be quite a bit of excitement over it.


These guys knew their beers, and could rattle off tons of information about each one.

Final Word

This was just one stop on my brewery tour of San Diego – I was a bit beat from White Labs and then beers at lunch . They make some awesome brews, but I just wasn't in the mood for the high gravity stuff they had on tap. I know that most of what I wrote in this review was negative stuff about the ESB and the wee heavy, but these were my attempts at getting a session beer since I knew I was getting beer fatigued.

I have always enjoyed the beers of Alesmith, especially when there's something to celebrate! I'd love to go back some time prepared for an intense tasting session.


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