My Fantasy 6-Pack

I can't remember which magazine it is, but they do a section with famous beer people, and ask them what their fantasy 6-pack would be, and why. I like the idea of a limited list to see where my alliances lie in the huge and diverse world of craft beer. It really is hard to think of the perfect 6-pack because sometimes all your favorite beers tend to be similar styles, but that would make a boring drinking session to have all double IPAs lined up for the evening! I've got my current list, but of course it will be subject to change.

Beer #1: Drakes Robusto (Robust Porter)

Beer #2: Modern Times Fortunate Islands (Wheat)

Beer #3: Lagunitas Brown Shugga' (American Strong Ale)

Beer #4: 21st Amendment Bitter American (American Pale Ale)

Beer #5: 21st Amendment Sneak Attack Saison (Belgian-style Saison)

Beer #6: Heretic Brewing Evil Twin (Red IPA)


If I had a case…

Green Flash Hop Head Red (Double Red Ale)

Lagunitas IPA (West Coast IPA)

Dust Bowl Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy)

Dust Bowl Mild (English Mild)


  1. Hi Nathaniel,

    Due to your video, I know now you have a site about brewing beer, which is very interesting!

    I am from Belgium, so we have some beers here, as you know maybe better than I do. But I do like my beer, but I am not the person that reads about it or something like that.

    Anyway: Here in Belgium they say (already some years) that the US will become “The Beer Country” and that because there are a lot of good home brewers who are getting bigger and bigger…
    I don’t know how “big” your hobby is, but actually they are talking about those breweries you have put in your fantasy 6 pack (and probably many more).

    So, of course, this intrigues me…

    Do you know if you can buy these beers easily around the world?
    Let say: In Belgium for example…

    So, if understand well, you are going to send updates (Aweber) of new articles now you have my mail address?

    I wish you a lot of pleasure and success with this hobby and not too many headaches… 😉


    • Oh, I’m a big fan of Belgian beers. I’m a big fan of sours, and the Belgians are famous for some of their historical sour beer recipes. Some of these beers on this page you could probably find in Europe, namely Lagunitas and I think Heretic may be in some countries. The other ones, probably not. But the hobby is growing in the UK, so maybe you could hop over and try some over there!

What do you think?