A Tale of Two Saisons

After searching for styles that would fit grapes (I found none), I decided that a saison would be a light tasting beer that could benefit from some extra simple sugar. I figured it would just dry out any regular saison recipe, and since I would be using white grapes, I might also get some white wine influence on the beer.

Two New Recipes And A New Brewing Setup

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks trying to finally get brewing in my new house. I had a great time buying stuff, but it was also a bit stressful figuring out everything I needed to order again (having left it at my previous residence),move to a kegging system, gather information for recipes, and also figure out how to get my grandfather’s white concord grapes in there.

Thai PA – Lemongrass Chile Pale Ale All Grain Recipe

Does everyone love lemongrass, or is it just me? I had never really thought about how much I enjoy the flavor of lemongrass in Asian cooking til a buddy of mine cooked up some soup and put fresh lemongrass stalks in there. The soup was meh, but shortly after accidentally biting into a chopped stalk of this delicious plant, I decided to brew a beer with it.

Orange Clove Witbier All Grain Recipe

The idea for this orange clove witbier came to me while thinking about what type of winter holiday beer I was going to do. I had just finished my pumpkin rye for the fall, and needed something for winter. I wanted to do something spicy and aromatic. When you were kids, did you ever stick a bunch of cloves into oranges and hang them around the house as air fresheners during Christmas?

Pumpkin Rye All Grain Recipe

A Pumpkin Beer, Without All The Pie Ask anyone how to do a pumpkin beer and they will tell you two things Add pumpkin spice and other spicy fall flavors You can’t get any pumpkin flavor using pumpkin in the mash I hope to dispel the myths that the best pumpkin beers are made this […]