Best Pre-wired Beer Fermenter Temperature Control Devices

These are the best prewired beer fermenter temperature control devices available online right now. Unfortunately, it seems that homebrewers are settling for more DIY solutions or just not caring about temperature control, because many products that had high expectations like the BrewBit have stopped selling. Another called the BlackBox is permanently sold out, and even […]

Rare Beer Club Review: Will I Keep My Membership?

Club Name: Rare Beer Club Monthly Cost:  $34.95 per month plus $14 S&H Rating: 98/100 Quick Summary: Of all the beer clubs I’ve tried to do reviews for my blog, the Rare Beer Club is probably the only one that I will stay with long term. They deliver high quality, hard to find beers that […]

Craft Beer Kings Review: Is Buying Craft Beer Online Worth It?

So far I’ve ordered two full boxes of beers from Craft Beer Kings, so it’s pretty obvious I’m happy with what they’ve got going on. I’ll include details of what I got and some other cool features of their website in this review. But they aren’t the only game in town, and there are some […]

Tavour Beer Review: My Personal Experience

Update 2017: Several commenters have noted that using the App is much more efficient than emails, as I describe in the review below. I had a smartphone at the time, but somehow missed the notice that there was an app. Anyway, just keep that in mind while reading my review of Tavour. I will try the […]

How I Built A 6 Tap Keezer In My Garage

I know a lot of the DIY posts of how to build your own keezer involve things like welding, sawing, and general planning. However, I’m not really a DIY guy, so I wanted to do something a bit easier. I started out with just 3 taps, but as I brewed more, I realized I had more room […]