How to Keg Homebrew For Newbies

If you’ve been bottling for a while then you know what a pain in the butt it is and are ready to learn how to keg your homebrew. Probably the hardest thing when starting to keg is knowing what equipment you need to buy, especially if you’ve never kegged before! Luckily, setting everything up is pretty easy once you have the right gear, and after that, you just need to learn how to start serving your beer like a true cicerone.

Do You Really Need A 5000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask?

With Black Friday just behind us, I’ve got a lot of new brewing toys that I want to write about. One of the things I purchased online this year was a 5000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask. The funny thing is, when I bought my first yeast starter kit, they included a 500 (two zeros) ml flask. What the big difference? Does anyone really need to make a 5 liter yeast starter?