Heretic Brewing Taproom Review

Brewery Name: Heretic Brewing Location: Fairfield, CA Famous Beers: Evil Twin, Evil Cousin, Shallow Grave, Bovine Intervention   Overall Impression Amazing versions of some “standard” beers, served at a place with an easy-going atmosphere. The running theme of all these beers is “well balanced”, and the the brewer/owner is a real magician with the recipes […]

The Rare Barrel Taproom Review

Brewery Name: The Rare Barrel Location: Berkley, CA Famous Beers: Egregious, Map of the Sun, Cosmic Dust, Sourtooth Tiger (and more)   Overall Impression These guys make some amazing beers. They are practically impossible to get a hold of, so if you want to taste one, you’ve got to go to the taproom. It’s a […]

Wild Donkey Taproom Review

In my latest brewery run to Southern CA, I stopped at WIld Donkey. Previously known as Donkey Punch, these guys have some really interesting beers to try.

Ritual Brewing Co. Taproom Review

They’ve got a huge taproom, smart staff, and are right next to Wild Donkey which makes it a great place to hang for the day. There’s a solid beer lineup to be found here, and from their website it looks like they have some interesting beers on tap now. When I was there, I though it was a bit “lacking” on the creative side.

Alesmith Taproom Review

Alesmith makes some great beers. They are committed to craft beer, and their taproom showed. The bar staff knew a lot about everything on tap, and they had a wide range of beers available.