The Best Real Ale Pubs In The UK

A real ale is all about real flavor. No preservatives. Just the unadulterated taste of beer. And, it is quite something. A real ale is made of traditional and natural ingredients like barley, yeast, hops, and water, just like any other beer. What’s notable about it is that it does not use any external source […]

Heretic Brewing Taproom Review

Brewery Name: Heretic Brewing Location: Fairfield, CA Famous Beers: Evil Twin, Evil Cousin, Shallow Grave, Bovine Intervention   Overall Impression Amazing versions of some “standard” beers, served at a place with an easy-going atmosphere. The running theme of all these beers is “well balanced”, and the the brewer/owner is a real magician with the recipes […]

The Rare Barrel Taproom Review

Brewery Name: The Rare Barrel Location: Berkley, CA Famous Beers: Egregious, Map of the Sun, Cosmic Dust, Sourtooth Tiger (and more)   Overall Impression These guys make some amazing beers. They are practically impossible to get a hold of, so if you want to taste one, you’ve got to go to the taproom. It’s a […]

Wild Donkey Taproom Review

In my latest brewery run to Southern CA, I stopped at WIld Donkey. Previously known as Donkey Punch, these guys have some really interesting beers to try.

Ritual Brewing Co. Taproom Review

They’ve got a huge taproom, smart staff, and are right next to Wild Donkey which makes it a great place to hang for the day. There’s a solid beer lineup to be found here, and from their website it looks like they have some interesting beers on tap now. When I was there, I though it was a bit “lacking” on the creative side.