Basic Beer Tasting Skills: Malty VS Hoppy and Body

Tasting beer can seem a little complex, particularly for people who have not tried it much before. There is much more to tasting beer than simply taking a gulp and saying whether the beer was any good or not.

Things to Critique in Beer: Negative Flavors to Look For

There is considerable variation across different beers, and this means that differences between beers are an important component of the characteristics of those beers. The taste of beer is highly subjective and people will interpret the taste of a different beer differently depending on their own personal perspectives.

While individuals might differ in the way that they view a given beer or what tastes they consider to be more desirable than others, there are some key flavors to look out for that should not be in beer and are an indication that there is a problem in the beer.

Activities to Refine the Palate For Beer Tasting

One of the key elements of tasting beer is refining the palate. This is particularly important for beer, as some of the taste elements of different beers are nuanced, and a person needs some experience in tasting beer before they are able to pick up on these tastes. It is particularly important for homebrewers to take every opportunity to develop their palates, as this will help them to understand their own beer better, as well as the beers of other people.