Some Simple Flavors to Add to Your Next Homebrew

One of the remarkable things about brewing your own beer is the sheer amount of variety. The overall flavor of a batch of beer is influenced by a large number of different elements. Hops, yeast, water, and the combination of malts used can all affect the flavor of a beer. But you can take things a step further and add non-traditional flavorings. Inspiration can be found anywhere. My next product is a rootbeer beer because I found a bottle of rootbeer extract laying around.

Orange Clove Witbier All Grain Recipe

The idea for this orange clove witbier came to me while thinking about what type of winter holiday beer I was going to do. I had just finished my pumpkin rye for the fall, and needed something for winter. I wanted to do something spicy and aromatic. When you were kids, did you ever stick a bunch of cloves into oranges and hang them around the house as air fresheners during Christmas?