How To Reuse Yeast In Your Homebrew

For the first year of brewing, I always bought yeast packets every time brewed a new batch. But I recently brewed 4 beers in the same month and realized that they were all using Wyeast 1056 and decided to look into how to reuse yeast in my homebrew. I was a little scared at first […]

Do You Really Need A 5000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask?

With Black Friday just behind us, I’ve got a lot of new brewing toys that I want to write about. One of the things I purchased online this year was a 5000 ml Erlenmeyer Flask. The funny thing is, when I bought my first yeast starter kit, they included a 500 (two zeros) ml flask. What the big difference? Does anyone really need to make a 5 liter yeast starter?

Wild Yeast In Your Homebrew – It Can Be A Good Thing!

Traditionally, the yeast used in beer is yeast that is intentionally added and often referred to as domesticated yeast. But all kinds of wild yeast occur naturally! In fact, there is probably one or two hanging out in your back yard right now.

Yeast In Your Homebrew: What It All Means

One of the most important components of any alcohol, including beer, is the use of yeast. Yeast is the key component of the fermentation reaction and is essentially what takes beer from being a mixture of ingredients and makes it alcohol.

White Labs Taproom Review

Such an awesome place to visit for any craft beer enthusiast. It’s only a mid sized tap room but tasting the beers they have on tap is an experience unlike any other brewery.