Is The Dogfish Head + Sierra Nevada IPA Glass Worth Your Money?

Since I’ve finished a lot of indoor projects on my new house and my kitchen is pretty much done, I’ve been buying up specialty beer glasses. One of these that I was especially excited to get a old of was the IPA glass that Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada created with Spiegelau. Let’s see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Tasting Notes for West Coast (American) IPA: Green Flash, Dogfish Head, Red Hook, Stone

I was pretty excited to do my IPA tasting for two reasons. One, my ESB tasting (link) last week went really well and I think I learned a lot. But the biggest reason is that hops are a huge part of brewing craft beer (and beer in general), but I still can’t identify the various hop flavors very well. The difference between floral, grassy, citrusy, earthy, and other hop flavors is still a mystery to me.