Rare And Forgotten Beer Styles – Are Any Coming Back?

The list of beer styles continues to grow over time, particularly as people experiment with new approaches and types of beer. As brewing has progresses, certain styles of beer have become more popular and prevalent within the mainstream.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Homebrewers 2014

The holidays are coming up and homebrewers are already chomping at the bit ready to get some new toys. But what kind of gifts are going to make the homebrewer in your life smile widest? Even if it seems like they already have everything, or you just don’t know anything about the hobby, there are still some awesome gifts out there that any beer lover will enjoy.

Libbey Craft Beer Glass Set Review

About 6 months ago I bought the Libbey craft beer glass set after I moved into my new house. I didn’t have any beer glasses at all except a pint glass I bought at Save Mart, and I wanted to get some glasses that were appropriate for a wider range of styles of beer. Libbey’s 6 piece set seemed a perfect fit!

Stout Tasting #1: Samuel Smith’s, Rogue, Belhaven, Shipyard

A recent trip to my local Bevmo gave me some real insight into what people are drinking in the Central Valley – it’s certainly NOT stouts. I picked up one of every style of stout they had in the store (with the exception of Guinness). The total was 4 beers.

Is The Rogue + Left Hand Stout Glass Worth Your Money?

As part of my specialty beer glassware review series, I bought the official stout glass that Rogue and Left Hand did with Spiegelau recently. I was really excited to try this glass because dark beers have always been a favorite of mine, and I had such a good experience with the IPA glass that I wanted to try this one out!