Beer Run March 16, 2015

So I spent a boat load of money at Craft Beer Kings last weekend and had the package delivered to my home. If you order about $150 worth of beer, they give you free shipping. So I figured rather than order it bottle by bottle and pay more, why not just get a bunch and pace myself.

So I basically cleared out anything they had that was sour, brett, or barrel aged. I've been listening to the Sour Hour on iTunes, plus I bought two 5 gallon bourbon whiskey barrels online that I plan on aging an imperial stout (link coming soon) and a double red ale (link coming soon) in. Inspired by these events, I decided to get my taste buds ready, and expand my knowledge of aged beers.

I also just went wild on Modern Times beer because I've heard it's great things about the beer, and well, the head brewer there is the owner of The Mad Fermentationist, which talks a lot about sour beers. The beers I ordered weren't sour, but it's still a running theme.

Here's what I managed to get a hold of:

  • Anadromous – Anchorage Brewing
  • Calabaza Boreal – Jolly Pumpkin/Anchorage Brewing
  • The Tide and It's Takers Triple – Anchorage Brewing
  • Whiskey Barrel Aged Amber – Indian Wells
  • AK Alive – Mikkeller
  • City of the Dead – Modern Times
  • Wild Devil Ale – Victory
  • Gratzer Ale – New Belgium (Lips of Faith), Three Floyds
  • Luciernaga (barrel aged) Jolly Pumpkin
  • Vinland Three – Mystic
  • Blazing World – Modern Times
  • Lomaland – Modern Times
  • Fortunate Islands – Modern Times
  • 1776 Brown Ale (aged in 1776 Whiskey Barrels) – James E. Pepper


I haven't really decided how I want to structure these Beer Run posts quite yet. I probably won't do tasting notes because I'm not that good, and it's really not that interesting to read someone's tasting notes IMO. Maybe I'll just #humblebrag for now, but I do want to track some of the more expensive and rare beers that I buy, even if just for record keeping.

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