Alesmith Taproom Review

Alesmith makes some great beers. They are committed to craft beer, and their taproom showed. The bar staff knew a lot about everything on tap, and they had a wide range of beers available.

White Labs Taproom Review

Such an awesome place to visit for any craft beer enthusiast. It’s only a mid sized tap room but tasting the beers they have on tap is an experience unlike any other brewery.

BarrelHouse Taproom Review

Positioned in the middle of nowhere, it’s worth the journey, especially if you are going to Firestone Walker anyway. They had some great session beers, some interesting limited releases, and a spectacular location to drink in.

Firestone Walker Taproom Review

Firestone Walker makes some solid beers. One of the hardest part about growing so large as a brewery is consistency and quality. They do an awesome job of this. However, I would have liked to see a bit more experimental stuff or exclusive stuff in the taproom, as that’s what I’ve grown to love about brewery. These guys have the capacity to do something awesome over at Paso Robles, but what I saw on tap was mostly their standard lineup.